The Rest of the Story

The Rest of the Story

by: john harrison

The rest of the story, as newsman Paul Harvey used to say, about me and Ruthann Aron is complicated. Ms Aron was tried for her crimes twice. The first trial resulted in a hung jury. A juror had lied about her work experience, apparently to get on the jury, and then refused to convict Ruthann. The vote on the jury was 11 to 1. The judge then declared a mistrial. The second trial resulted in a guilty plea on two counts of murder solicitation almost all the way through and a three-year jail sentence, plus considerable probation time from the judge.

Ms Aron served her time in jail uneventfully and after her release went to live with her son in New York. Unfortunately, her son Joshua worked at the Twin Towers and was killed on 9/11. Then, she went to live for a while with her daughter, Dana, in Florida. As a convicted felon on probation, someone had to be responsible for her.  Now, I do not know where she is.

No surprise, she and her husband were divorced. It was very messy, also no surprise. The state had already charged that she had poisoned her husband’s chili one night trying to kill him, now she said that her husband had committed medical malpractice on her while they were married.  They each sued the other for millions. There was also some discussion about her boob job, although I never understood how that was relevant. Messy, very messy.

There is a lot more information about about her on the net, (search: Ruthann Aron) and there have even been a couple of television shows about her, which are on YouTube (e.g. ,, or search Ruthann Aron) there you can learn all you ever wanted to know about Ruthann Aron: the former Republican US Senate candidate, former Republican turned Democrat, nonetheless gun loving-Potomac matron, lawyer-real estate developer, chili cooking, hit man hiring-homicidal, crazy- yes but nonetheless always loving wife, mother of two and, convicted felon Ruthann Aron.

So, that is the rest of the story.


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