Sample–You Must Remember This, or more accurately, the new rules of play

by: john harrison

They had all looked up when she came into the dark wood paneled front room at Clyde’s Bar in Georgetown. Even the women stared. She had long, wavy, dark auburn hair that fell to her shoulders. It was pinned back around her head with just a little loose to frame her face and then at her neck. That long hair draped free and in profusion down her back.

She was wearing a striped mock t-neck cotton sweater that was mostly a cream white, but it had a large blue stripe over her ample breasts, a smaller emerald green stripe below, and a still smaller red strip above. This topped off Kelly green reverse pleated trousers covering her extraordinarily long legs, and then flat deck shoes.

She was tall and trim and still moved like the athlete she had been. Her eyes flashed dark blue, almost purple behind sensible, thin wire framed glasses. The glasses made her eyes look even larger. She knew they also hid the beginning lines at her eyes better than makeup ever could.

When she sat down at the table next to Chris Jones you could almost hear the room relax as every man there let his stomach out and began to breathe again. Chris Jones was a little taller than she was sitting there. However, really they looked so much alike, they could have been brother and sister. He stood politely as she sat down.

Chris Jones felt like he was in high school again. He was reasonably good looking, a small time competitive swimmer in college and still in shape, but on one would call him striking like the woman. He could think of nothing to say.

         “Could I have a light please? she asked. Her voice was deep and smooth just as he had remembered it.

“Of course.” he replied. He fumbled for the matches he had picked up from the bar, and when he leaned over to light her cigarette, she lightly grasped his hand to steady the flame.


This is just a short preview of my short story “You Must Remember This”. Sometimes you can tell the truth better in fiction. The link below takes you to the rest of this short story. It is only available on Amazon in Kindle. What you have read so far is the lead up to a story about how relationships have changed. This is only a sample, just the first part of the Kindle short story “You Must Remember This”. If you have enjoyed this preview and want to find out what happens next, you may read the rest at:


2 thoughts on “Sample–You Must Remember This, or more accurately, the new rules of play

  1. James Roper

    Being an ARMY Grunt in Vet Nam with the 4th INF.DIV. for 6months before being wounded, I can say to another Brother, I’ve enjoyed reading your Samples of writings.


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