The Wall

The Wall

by: RonFord

I sit and cry and think of his grave,
I wonder what Andy missed today.
He gave his life a world away
In a small hamlet on that dark day.
Tet was the party old Charlie gave
That sent way too many to the grave.
Andy left the world in good company
Bunn, Chaison,and Brooks went with him that day.
The Screaming Eagles fought bravely in that dreadful war
Just like their fathers in the big war before,
Some day I will go to Washington DC
My friends are in granite I have to see.
Andy’s name on that wall will tear me apart
The tears that you see will be straight from my heart.

Ron Ford
101st Airborne
Vietnam 67-68


7 thoughts on “The Wall

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  2. Chris Birney

    Although I wasnt even a twinkle in my daddy’s eyes when that war was mostly going on. I was born in ’71. I visited the wall when I was still active duty, Marines, and I could not believe the silence. Even with the street a few yards away it surrounds you. I hope to go back this year sometime before the fall. Thank you for the poem, thank you for your service and most importantly Welcome Home!


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