Dog Bites Man, Man Bites Back

Dog Bites Man, Man Bites Back

by john harrison

Two items of interest, both almost hidden in the news this morning (4/28/2016). People Magazine and other sources are reporting that Harvard has fielded the first openly transgender man to compete in NCAA Division 1 sports. The second is that a House Committee has passed legislation requiring women to register for the draft.

The law of unintended consequences is about to bite back hard. While it may well be true that it would would be strange even for an adolescent male to claim female gender identity just to peek at women in the bathroom, it goes way to far not to recognize that there are a lot of second tier male athletes that could make a lot of money, get into a lot of colleges that would otherwise be closed, if they competed in college level sports as a woman. A transgender competing as a man just opened that door.

While Bobby Riggs lost a famous tennis match against Billie Jean King years ago, nonetheless he could have made a lot of money playing as a woman on the woman’s tennis tour. Others will see this as an opportunity and act on it. All of the advances women have made in sports due to Title 9 are now at risk. Think if Caitlyn Jenner competed, probably even today.

The opening of the draft to women is the logical result of opening all combat positions in the armed services to women. While some expected that putting women in combat positions would lead to the end of the draft for everybody, the exact opposite is now moving forward in Congress.

The House Armed Services Committee approved legislation requiring women to register for the draft. In 1981 the Supreme Court ruled that since women were banned from combat positions anyway, it was not discriminatory to require only men to register for the draft. Anyone with knowledge of that case recognized that opening combat positions to women placed young women at risk of being drafted for those same positions.

It may still happen that that the draft will be abolished rather than add women to the lists. On the other hand we live in a dangerous world; we are in a shooting war in at least some sense in the Middle East already; but our armed force strength is relatively low and going lower. People think that the draft was instituted to raise large armies and in part that is true, but most of all it was created to deliver reliably the exact number of men that could be trained at any given time. It does not overstate the case to say that in the future a president may well be faced with the horrific choice of either bringing back the draft for everybody or to go nuclear on the battlefield.

The two leading presidential candidates who will deal with these important issues for all of us are Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton and Mr. Donald Trump. I for one am more sanguinary than sanguine about our prospects.


4 thoughts on “Dog Bites Man, Man Bites Back

  1. althompson101

    Not sure that we can legislate common sense…but we can legislate agenda.

    Israel seems to have handled national service for both genders. Have you researched their approach?

    1. JohnEHarrison Post author

      The Israelis now allow women to volunteer for a co-ed infantry battalion. In the initial 1948 Arab-Israeli War women as well as men fought in both the Palmach and Haganah, the two initial Israeli armed forces before the foundation of the IDF.

      Later women were removed to non-combatant roles in Israel, but are now authorized to serve in any position in the Israeli armed forces that they can qualify for. They have not fought a war since this relatively new policy was instituted. The Soviets in WW II also made extensive use of women in their combat arms, but as soon as that war was over they too went back to men only combat units.

      However, I was more interested this time in the unintended, but predictable consequences of actions taken for essentially ideological reasons. Going unisex means the end of women only sports, the end of gender specific Academy and other awards and the beginning of women being drafted specifically for combat positions, something no other country in the world does. I do not believe that many who have pushed for all or part of this realized that this would be the ultimate result.


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