An Open Letter to Donald Trump

An Open Letter to Donald Trump

by john harrison

Mr. Trump says he raised $6 million for veterans including putting in $1 million of his own money. The Washington Post says it can only find $3.1 million, and that it cannot find where Mr. Trump put in any money at all. Mr. Trump needs to come forward with a list of the veteran charities and the amounts contributed.

Veterans have been lied to too many times already. While Mr. Trump gets credit for raising what he raised for veterans, lying about the total, or worse keeping the money himself is simply unacceptable.

They are simple questions: 1. How much did you raise? 2. Who got the money? and finally, 3. How much did you put in Mr. Trump?

Wounded Warriors thought that vets should be happy with what ever they threw our way while they partied with the rest, but that is not the way it works. Answer the questions. We are tired of being used as pawns in some political game.


After three months of controversy, on 5/25/2016 Mr. Trump pledged a $1 million contribution to a reputable veterans charity; he has promised that the remaining $1.4 million will be distributed to other veterans charities by Memorial Day 2016. This means that the total he raised for veterans charities was about $5.5 million. While this has been sufficiently confirmed, so far there has not been an accounting as that word is normally used in business of the funds raised and disbursed.


2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Donald Trump

  1. Jerry White

    Agree 100% !!! He is so used to scamming people and not being called on it. We should hold his feet to the fire on this.


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